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About Us
The home page  historic building went into service in 1863 as  Stringtown School, a two-room schoolhouse, which served this community until 1923.  The main building is much as it was in those days with much of the original plaster still in place.  The ‘implement shed’ as we call it, was added later. Many have taken a cool drink of water from the well out front since Roy Stout’s initials were carved into the concrete in 1913.

In 1932 Glenn ‘Pop’ Blessing brought a wrecker, and  tools from the depression liquidation of the  Kennedy & Hubler Stutz Agency in Dayton.  Blessing’s Garage opened for business on the NE Corner of Union and Shiloh Springs road, which later became the home of Raymond Blessing.  The business moved to its present location in 1936 and has operated continuously through 2002, our 70th year. Operations are now housed at our Wadsworth, OH facility where we celebrated our 85 th year in 2017.

In the late 30’s the automotive focus moved to farm equipment as a dealer for Case and Minneapolis-Moline tractors. A little known fact is that we have ‘traded’ in horses on tractors. Roland F. Blessing joined the business at age 10.  As the 50’s began and the farms were replaced by homes, we moved our focus to lawn equipment while continuing some automotive and farm equipment work into the early 60’s when Glenn retired.

In a time of the 'reel' mower, we sold our first 'rotary' mowers, the 3-wheel Hankie in 1952. From that early sale the lawnmower business began and over 50 years have passed.    In 1956 the Springfield riding tractor line was taken on.   Many red riders from 57 have passed these doors.  In 1966 Toro bought Springfield.  Other lines over the years included, Dille-McGuire, Gilson, Homko, MotoMower, and our main line for many years, Snapper.    

Paul Uhrig was a long-term employee. Roland W. remembers making farm service calls in the 50’s on MM and Case bailers that were Paul’s specialty –  MM wire or  Case twine,  he was the man!   His son, Doug has appropriated parts in the restoration of his antique Minnepolis-Moline tractors.  Bill Pricer started coming around as a young man and has not stopped since, still working with us today.  He is Roland’s alter ego and a lifelong part of the family.

Circa 1910 - Five generations of Blessing's  have been mechanics.  Frank Emmett Blessing once worked at Frank Bradley’s Electric Car Company, in Dayton.  Frank's sister, 'Linnie', was married to Frank Bradley.  Four generations of Blessings have ‘turned the wrenches’ here beginning with ‘Pop’ Glenn Warren Blessing.  Another son, Raymond at one time worked here.  Roland F. has spent his entire life in this business and took over its operation in the early 60’s. Margaret, Roland's wife kept the books for over 40 years while working another full-time job. 

Emmett has spent many an hour here as well.    For a number of years, Emmet’s family shared Pop’s family home which was located on the corner.  

Roland F’s son, Roland W. Blessing started working here at age 10 and worked here full or part-time until 1970 when he moved - while still returning for periodic weekend projects throughout the years.   Roland W’s son Aaron began coming here during the summers at age 7, working every summer and holiday until 1994 when he went to Akron University and the Ford Asset Program. 

Today, working from Wadsworth since 1994, Blessing’s Garage  "North" has served as our weekend Ford Automotive, Ford Classic car, and Snapper lawn equipment parts service as well as our eBay distribution center.  Now In our 85th year. 

Look for us on eBay where you will find Blessing's  Case and Minneapolis-Moline Collectibles,  Model -A, 56 Ford, 55-66 T-Bird and 73-79 Ford Truck Parts.   Keep in touch for the latest events by visiting us here at the website,

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